About Us

About Us

About Digital World

We are a direct selling network marketing company, Digital World . We offer in the field of health care, personal care, home care, wash care to our customers. Our network of registered distributors and customers get special benefits and opportunities due to our dominance in the direct selling industry.

We operate through a streamlined procedure where our registered distributors introduce new customers to the company and get them registered in the customer network. By doing so, they get monetary benefits by selling products and also become entitled to various other income opportunities, like matching income, matching bonus, international tour income, repurchase income and much more. Apart from that the distributors get the company product services at discounted price.


To be a global brand and profitable growth of company and customers through superior quality service


We believe this human centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for this business.

Our main purpose is to help you live a life of financially freedom and on your own terms and conditions, which you deserve to fill your life with happiness through well.

We offer unlimited opportunities to earn money and create happiness, give happiness, dream happiness, feel happiness, enjoy happiness, live happiness and share happiness.

Our motto is to GROW WITH Oxberry Fresh Herbal Pvt. Ltd..